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Customized Paper Mache Halloween Mask


24 May 2019
'Me Gusta'
Year of 2004 ---
Guangzhou JDY Paper Crafts Factory was founded by a group of moulded pulp specialists.
Year of 2010 ---
GPM was founded as brand by Mr.Aaron Mao and his partners for the international business of molded pulp products.Its mission is to develop kinds of molded pulp products and further expand their application scope to reduce white pollution with the knowledge of the group members.
Year of 2013 ---
GPM took over the manufacturing of Guangzhou JDY Molded Pulp Factory and made a new factory named Guangzhou Grand Forest Green Pack with its partners who worked in molded pulp innovation and production for 20 years.
GPM has built a professional team for pulp products developing,designing and manufacturing. It makes us capable of handling all designing and manufacturing jobs related with molded pulp and offer one-stop solution to our clients.
Our Advantage---
The improved technology of About-to-Dry pressing made us one of the most excellent manufactures in pulp molding industry in China,no matter in production cost or product finishing, especially in colored pulp packages.
Our Products ---
Our products cover a wide range of areas, including paper pulp crafts, high-end product packaging, egg cartons, fruit trays, seed starters, wine packs, retail packaging, shoe stretchers and a series of environmentally friendly molded pulp products.
※Corporate Culture
Our Vision:
Dedicated to make the most respectable molded pulp Made in China
Our Mission:
Keep innovating in designing and production of molded pulp products and further expand their application scope to reduce white pollution.
Our Value:
To Customer: Be Honest, Quality First and Customer Value Oriented.
To Staff: To Educate and Offer All Resources Available to Help Them Make Progress
To Partners: Trust, Be responsible and Mutual-Benefit Oriented
To Team Members: Respect, Be Cooperative and Share
To Family: Protect, Harmonize and Love
To Friends: Loyal and Keep Helpful to Others
To Ourselves: Be Disciplined and keep Learning
Our Service
1. We will provide the solutions for your questions within 24 hours
2. Free design
3. Free samples
4. Fast Delivery and 24Hours in service.
5. A full range of shipment, including sea, air and land transports. As well as door to door courier service
6. We have 5 procedures for inspection to make sure the qualified products over 98%
7. If you found anything not conform with the samples we offered before your order, please let us know immediately after you get the goods. We will study and once we found it is caused by our side,we will replace them immediately.
※Transaction Security
GPM has been verified and assured by under the name of Yuhe Trade as a Golden Supplier. For any failure of delivery,you can be compensated by up to USD20,000 from
※Product Advantages
For Paper Crafts:
1.We use the eco-friendly dye, eco-friendly paint and clean material. It’s safe and innocuous
2.It’s easy to painting and the color won’t fade
3.Smooth surface,good handle
4.Perfect finishing on surface
For Egg Cartons:
1.Full range of products available(existing mold): 6cell,8 cell,10cell,12,cell,15cell,18cell and 20cell
2.Design can be customized
3.Color can be customized
4.Labeling or printing available
5.Without ink, it’s safe and eco-friendly
6.Smooth at both sides. Good stacking and de-nesting. Good performance on all kinds of automatic egg packaging machine
7.With clean edge
9.Unique ventilated design to provide the fresh air for the eggs
For Protective Packaging:
1.Design can be customized
2.Color can be customized
3.Perfect finishing on surface and edge
※Product line:
1. Egg carton
--Chicken egg carton
--duck egg carton
--quail egg carton
2. Fruit tray
--berry basket
--apple tray
3. Industrial pulp packaging
--Electronic packaging
--Home appliance packaging
4. thermo formed pulp packaging
--Tea packaging
--cosmetics packaging
--T-shirt box
--mobile phone shell packaging
5. paper mask
-- Animals
-- cartoon
-- fruit
-- Superman and lady
6. Paper mache
--Christmas ball
--Halloween eggs
--Animal mache
7. Tableware
--Dinner plate,
--lunch box
--laminated food tray
8. Nursery trays
--seeding tray
--nursery cup
--Flower pot
9. Medical class
-- bedpan
--Infusion hand support for kids
※Cooperative customer case
Founded in 1975, Lite on on is the longest optoelectronic manufacturer in Taiwan, our company mainly provides pulp moulding tray support to protect the customer's LED lamp for transportation.The annual supply amount is 100 thousand to 1 million.
2.Microsemi Corporation
Microsemi Corporation, headquartered in Er Bay, California, is a leading high performance analog and hybrid signal integrated circuit and high reliability semiconductor design, manufacturer and distributor.Our main task is to provide all kinds of products for paper packaging, with annual sales of 500 thousand to 1 million.
a global consumer packaging company has strong and long experience in the food packaging business.We mainly supply the egg box for them.The annual supply amount is 100 thousand to 1 million.
Target is a famous chain supermarket in Taiwan. We mainly provide egg carton for its eggs.The annual supply amount is 50 thousand to 100 thousand.Customized Paper Mache Halloween Mask
Arriba Pie